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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adventures In Life: Sleepy Day Art Project

18 month sleep regression. 

Yikes. It's here. (About a month early but I'm pretty sure that is what is going on.) We were awake off and on from 1am to 5:30am and today has been a little rough. 

But we are trying to make the best of this sleepy day and did a little "painting". Painting with water on a paper bag. And she loved it. 

She did put the paint brush in her mouth 2 times, so I'm thinking we are not ready for real paint yet! 


  1. What a good idea... keep the paint on hold until she knows that it ONLY goes on the paper :)

  2. So sorry to hear that Rebekah (and you) is going through a sleep regression "phase". I guess it's just part of growing. Hopefully, she'll get through it quickly and fall back into her normal sleep patterns again soon. In the meantime, hang in there ~ this too shall pass!

    Wish I was there to help out and give you a rest!!