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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Adventures in Life: A look back at 2015

Well, December came and went without a blog post...oops!

To be honest I have not had a lot of motivation to blog lately. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I was comparing our little blog to others (I know, I know, I shouldn't do that). Or maybe because we were just to busy celebrating Christmas and New Years and living in the moment that I didn't take the time to write. Or maybe because it's cold and yucky outside... But as I was looking back at 2015, I remembered why I do this blog. For me blogging is a way to document our life. There are so many posts that I had completely forgot about as I looked back on 2015. Things that Rebekah did, books we enjoyed, recipes we tried...and suddenly I felt motivated again to record all of these things for another year!

So before we start fresh for 2016, here is a quick look back at some 2015 memories:

Rebekah showed off her #pinkninja shirt
We heard from Daniel about how to prevent frozen water pipes.
Rebekah turned 5 months old! 

I shared about our cloth diaper experience
We read the book "I Choose You Today"
Rebekah turned 6 months

Rebekah turned 7 months and started enjoying big girl food!

I shared one of my "motherhood finds" 
I LOVED Max Lucado's new book.

We saw a great movie - you should see it! 
Rebekah went on her first road trip.

Rebekah turned 9 months old!

I became a "Tommy Mommy" for Tommy Nelson Publishing and started reviewing children's books on the blog! 

We started our "Summer of CSA" with our first veggie box.

I cried over cantaloupe
We took a trip to MN.

More yummy fruits and veggies from our CSA each week!
Rebekah turned 11 months old and we went to the pool a lot

We read some new books...sitting in strange places. 

We counted our blessings.
I shared some mommy discoveries
I got to read an advance copy of a new book from my favorite author!!
Rebekah turned ONE!

I did a 30 day power purge of our house
My little helper and a spider.

We got glass for our basement shower!!

We savored our last CSA fruits and veggies. 
I wrote a guest post for a blog friend.
No more Hoodwinked! 
Another story about my little helper.

Rebekah showed me what she wanted for Christmas. 
I shared a lesson I've learned about being a mom. 
I learned a new lesson...
And we visited some old friends in TN on our drive to FL for our family vacation.

There are not any posts to look back on for December - but here is a quick recap of our month.
We spent 2 weeks in Florida on a wonderful family vacation.

Rebekah got to show off a new shirt she got.

And we had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with each of our families.

Wheew. That was a long post, but I'm excited to continue documenting our lives on this little ol' blog, and cant wait to see what blessings God has in store for us in 2016! 


  1. First of all - dont compare - I do that myself & think, why bother - but its the point to save memories of YOUR life :)

    & second - WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're pregnant?!?!? Congrats!!! That's so exciting!!!

  2. I agree with Rebecca Jo...don't compare. Too often in all areas of life I'm comparing myself to others and seem to not measure up. Fortunately, God only expects me to be what He made me, not what He made someone else.

    Loved all these pictures and congrats on having another little one on the way.

  3. CONGRATUALTIONS on another little one. That is probably one reason you didn't blog as much. Too tired!!! Ha!!

    Charlotte Moore