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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Adventures in the Kitchen: CSA week 11

I'm a little late getting this weeks CSA post up because our box came a little late yesterday. The farm that our produce comes from is in Indiana. The farmer (who is Amish and does not drive) hires a driver to bring him, his sons and the produce to the delivery locations. Well, the truck broke down yesterday on its way to us and had to be fixed before it could continue the deliveries. SO, instead of picking up our box around noon, we picked it up at 7pm. But everything arrived safe and yummy! 

In the box this week we have: blueberries, peaches, onion, garlic, tomatoes, cucumber, banana pepper, apples, bell pepper, yellow squash, melon, red potatoes, and cauliflower. 

OH! Before I forget, we had a surprise in the box last week! Remember the cute little watermelon? When I cut it open....

IT WAS YELLOW! I've never tried a yellow watermelon before, and now that I have I can safely say that they are basically the same as regular watermelon. Maybe a little crisper...if watermelon can be crisp. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these goodies this week - we have lots of eating planned for this weekend because Rebekah is turning 1!!!!!!! We are having a family dinner on Saturday, and a BBQ for friends and family on Sunday. And perhaps blueberry pancakes as a special birthday breakfast! 

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