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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adventures in Life: Never, Ever, Ever

Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup is playing a fun little game today called Never, Ever, Ever and I thought I would play along. 

Let's be honest, quite often I am amazed at what comes out of people's mouths. Good, bad, filtered, un-filtered...people say crazy things! Am I right?

Here are 10 things you would never, ever, ever here me say:

1) Why don't we head home, I don't really want to watch the sun set over the ocean. 
2) I think I will pass on the steak tonight and go with the sea bass. (Hate fish, love steak!)
3) I'm sick of looking at the changing colors of the fall leaves. 
4) I would love to take this tiny sail boat out on the open ocean.  (I get so sea sick!)
5) This vacation is waaaay to long. 
6) I'll pass on the brownie, could I please have some celery?
7) I've seen this episode of FRIENDS to many times. 
8) I would rather run a mile than swim a mile. (I could hardly make myself type that one!!) 
9) Let's watch a foreign film tonight. (sorry foreign film lovers out there...just not my cup of tea!)
10) I don't ever want to make another craft or sew another stitch. 

Speaking of crafts - have you voted for your favorite duct tape project over at So You think You're Crafty?!? There are some awesome items made from duct tape - any guesses on which one I made?? Thanks so much for voting!!

What is something you would NEVER say? 


  1. poor celery... gets rejected every time :)

  2. #6-haha-I wish I could pass on the junk food. You'll never hear me say- I hate yoga pants or I'm going for a run. :)

  3. Ha, #4 is me - but it's less because of sea-sickness, and more because the ocean scares me!