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Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventures in Favorites: April Favorite Things

Good Morning Friends!! Between our vacation at the beginning of the month, and all the crafting for the So You Think You're Crafty competition I'm in, the month of April has FLOWN by! Here are a few of my April "favorites"! 

(1) Finally, at the very end of April, it is starting to feel like spring! This is pretty much my favorite thing to see on the weather forecast!! Not to hot, not to cold, not to sunny, and not to cloudy. PERFECT!  

Partly Cloudy

(2) With the warmer weather comes the blooming of my FAVORITE tree ~ the Magnolia tree. They grow all over in my area and have the most beautiful pink blossoms. They are just stunning! 

(3) Que Bella Beauty is a new line that I discovered at Target! 
Super affordable, and super fun to pamper yourself or a friend!
(more about this new favorite product in a few days when I reveal what I got from Taylor@ Pink Heels Pink Truck in my Pamper Me Pretty Box!) 

(4) Cornmeal from Papa - this is my favorite brand of corn meal, and I can not find it anywhere around here. 
When we were in South Carolina at the beginning of the month, Daniel's Grandfather loaded us up with a stash...which I am rationing carefully! 
My favorite thing to make with it is GF Cornbread!
(Is it totally crazy that I have a favorite brand of corn meal?!)

(5) My new (to me) crafting shelf!! 
It was my craft for last week's theme of Upcycle on So You Think You're Crafty, and I TOTALLY love it! The shelves have chalkboard pain on the edges, so I can label and re-label where I want things on the little shelf. You can read more about how I made it HERE.

(6) Crafting in general has been my favorite this month. I have LOVED being in the So You Think You're Crafty competition (and I hope to continue for a few more weeks, if I don't get voted off!!) and I have gotten to make some new, great crafts that have just been so fun! 
This week's theme is "Duct Tape." 
So every project is made using...
Duct Tape! 
(This was the hardest round for me yet!) 

Do you have any April favorites?? 


  1. This weather and the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom! But my favorite "April Favorites" were traveling to Wisconsin & Minnesota and my family coming to visit!!

  2. Magnolia blossom is my favourite too - so pretty! It has started to feel a bit more like spring here also, but unfortunately a modest, British 52 not your 75!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog :) x

  3. I LOVE Magnolia gorgeous!! I'm going to hop over and vote...interested to see these projects!