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Friday, May 3, 2013

Adventures in Crafts: Knight In Shining Duct Tape Armor

Wow, that was a close round!!!
So You Think You're Crafty Round 6 ~ Duct Tape
Could you guess which duct tape project was mine??

I was really stumped on what to make for this round!
But my project ended up getting 2nd place this round! Yay! 
Thanks to everyone who voted! 

I know making things out of duct tape is all the rage now, but I am a regular silver duct tape kind of gal. I wanted to make something that made sense to make it out of duct tape....not just make it because I can. 
 Real armor is much to heavy for a young knight, so what looks like armor with out being so very heavy...Duct Tape Armor!
This turned in to a much larger project than I thought it would be
(Funny how that happens, right?!)
The armor I made includes: helmet, shield, sword, breast plate, back plate, shoulder guards & arm guards (also called vambrace and besagues in knight lingo). The breast plate fits over the knights head, wraps all the way around the torso, and is secured in the back by velcro straps. For protection from enemies on all sides! The arm guards and shield are fit with elastic bands to secure them in place. 
I constructed the entire costume using duct tape, string, velcro, some cardboard and a sheet of aluminum foil. 5 rolls of duct tape later, a few young knights have a fun, new costume to use when slaying dragons! 
Since the velcro is adjustable, this armor can fit different knights of different age and size. 
My fabulous models are a family from our church! Thanks boys!! 

Next week's theme is 

If you were going to make an outdoor craft, what would it be?


  1. Now, how cleaver is that? Cute! Cute!

  2. I love it!! I would love a full tutorial on how you made it. I saw it on SYTYC and was hoping you'd win so we'd get a tutorial. I have a son and I'd love to make one for him. Great job!!

  3. This is incredible!!! I'm sure the little knight loved it. ;-)

  4. This looks like a TON of work but SO wonderful! Congrats again! Can't wait to see what you do next!