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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Adventures in Life: Potty Talk

I have discovered that when you have a toddler there is lots of potty talk that happens. You know, the 4 letter words every potty training mommy uses.





Ok, that last one doesn't work, but you get the picture. These words are constant vocabulary around the house these days....and let's just be honest, as the wife of a plumber these words are pretty common year round for us.

We have been unofficially potty training Rebekah for quite some time. When she was about 10 months old, whenever I would take her diaper off to change her she would let out her pee. On me. On the changing table. Pretty much everywhere. So, I decided to try setting her on a little potty seat, just to try and see what would happen. This started a very long streak of her letting out both #1 and #2 on her little potty chair. For over a year she was still wearing a diaper but when I would change her, she would sit on the potty chair and usually let something out.

Then we had Caleb and moved. We suspended our use of cloth diapers and I became inconsistent with our pee-pee routine. She turned two and stopped wanting to sit on her little potty seat. The battle was just a little much for me to handle. But recently she has been showing interest in using the potty again, and she has been wanting some big girl panties.

We have been experimenting with Pampers EasyUps as a combo "big girl panties" and diaper in one. She loves that "just Bekah" can put them on and pull them up. They are nice and stretch so when it comes time to race to the bathroom because her 'pee-pee is coming out' it is quick and easy to remove. It was a little hard to tell which side was the front and which was the back, but I think we got it figured out. 

Before we moved in with Daniel's parents while we build our house, we used cloth diapers. If we were in our own house, I would probably use cloth training pants. But since we are using someone else's washer and dryer, we are going with disposable diapers, and I think these Pampers are going to work well for us when we decide to full on potty train. 

If you are interested in trying Pampers EasyUps, you can click here for a $1.50 off coupon! I received 4 free diapers to try out from Influenster. These opinions are all my own. 


  1. Funny!! They have to be ready on their own most of the time. Some train early and some later but eventually it does happen. HA!!

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Oh, bless your heart! Our now 20 month old Granddaughter potty trained at 18 months. I couldn't believe it but she does have a 7 year old sister and I think that helped. My DIL put her straight into panties, she didn't like the pull-ups, said they were too much like and felt like a diaper. But, she had quite a few messes to clean up as a result. :o)) She does still wear a diaper for nap and bedtime. Good luck!!!!