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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Adventures in Building: This Is It!

It's for real! 

It's finally ours! 

We are now the owners of this 12 acre beautiful slice of land. We closed on Friday. At the closing we got to meet the seller and chat with her a little bit. She was very sweet and we are thankful she chose to sell it to us. Can I tell you a secrete? After hearing a little about the sellers story, I can't help but believe that God has been getting this piece of land ready for our family for years. 

Long before He planted the desire to build our own house and have our own little farm. 

Long before Daniel and I met, fell in love, and got married. 

Actually, around the time we were both born, the previous owners purchase this land. It had been farm land and didn't have anything on it. I don't know their whole story, but they decided to plant trees on the property. A thick line of pine trees around the border on 3 sides. And a beautiful variety of deciduous trees throughout the middle. For the next 30 years they watered the trees and maintained the grass. I'm not sure why they never built on the land, and we probably will never know. I didn't feel like it was a question I should ask her at the time. But from the first time we looked at the land, we knew it was what we had been searching and praying for. We had looked at several other properties and they were not nearly as beautiful as this land. And after the closing we stopped by our new land. And looking out on the land I just keep thinking that before either of us was even born, God planted these trees for us! Before we were born He knew we would be standing here, looking out on this great new adventure we were undertaking. Wow! What a great God we have! 

Hopefully we will have some building posts to share with you soon!! 


  1. AMEN!! Nothing happens by chance. HE has it all in HIS control if we will just Be Still and Know He is GOD. We do have to submit though. HE is a great GOD for sure.


    Charlotte Moore

  2. Oh, how exciting and what a gorgeous piece of land. I foresee a whole lot of precious memories happening on these 12 acres. All the best!

  3. Wow! What an amazing find! Congratulations!