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Friday, October 23, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: My Little Helper

Remember how I told you that Rebekah loves to pick things up and hand them to me? Well, I have been trying to teach her how to pick things up and put them where they belong. She thinks it is a game, and I have less picking up to do around the house. A win, win, right? Except for those times when I find shoes in the bathtub or a crib full of blocks...but that is a different story.

Today, I wanted to tell you about my proud mamma moment from last night. My wonderful, amazing, hard working husband has a habit of randomly removing items of his clothing and just dropping them on the floor right where he is standing or sitting at the moment he takes said article off. (Side note - I'm not a fan of this habit but that is a post for a different day.) For example, at any given time in our house you can usually find a pair of his socks on the floor next to the couch. It's just the way it is, friends.

Last night, after dinner, we were playing in the basement and just like usual, off came the socks. But this time they did not stay next to the couch for long. My little helper spotted them on the floor. She walked over to the socks. She picked them up, and took them all the way into our bedroom. AND PUT THEM IN THE DIRTY CLOTHES HAMPER - WHERE THEY BELONG!!! My mommy heart was SO proud of her. (And hopefully her picking up will rub off on her daddy!) 

(We got the glass for our shower downstairs and someone really enjoys it! What a goofball!) 


  1. How sweet!! That just goes to show you how easily they learn with repetition. Now maybe daddy will take the hint. HA!!! Thank goodness my husband has never been bad to do that. He usually puts his clothes in the laundry room.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. That's so cute! Nathaniel loves putting things in the hamper right now. Unfortunately, it's never things that belong in the hamper. I find random things like puzzle pieces in there!