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Friday, July 24, 2015

Adventures in Life: Hooray for Friday

Some weeks just seem to fly by, and the days all start to blur together. One thing I love about blogging is that I can document what we have done during our week and have an account of the little things that make life so wonderful! So here are 5 things from this week that have been our favorite: 

(1) Rebekah got to go on her very first picnic this week. We met her Memaw (that's what we call Daniel's mom) for a picnic lunch. 

(2) We got both a veggie share and a fruit share this week from our CSA and we all have been enjoying the fresh fruits and veggies...summer fresh fruits and veggies are my favorite! 

(3) Rebekah has been very into books and climbing on things this week. I found her perched on top of the book bucket, just looking at her can't make this stuff up! She is such a silly girl! OH! And if you haven't already entered to win the book giveaway, there is still time!  {Click HERE to enter}

(4) We like to have races around the kitchen island...and she is FAST in her little walker. I love when she takes a few big push off steps and then lifts her feet up and glides with her momentum. 

(5) Waiting for Daddy to get home - this is one of our most favorite things to do. When Daniel is close to home, we sit on the front porch and wait for him to drive up. Rebekah can recognize his vehicle from quite a ways away and she starts to clap and squeal when she sees him coming down our street. 

Happy Friday! 


  1. How cute sitting in the book bucket. My favorite is reading about sitting and waiting for daddy. I am sure that makes his heart melt to see his 2 besties on the porch waiting for him. So precious!!

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Aw her first picnic, so cute! She looks like she loved it! And those fruits and veggies look so delicious!