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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Adventures in the Kitchen: CSA week #8

Oh, how I love fresh produce! This summer of CSA boxes has just been wonderful...and it's almost half way done! This is week 8 of 20 for the summer...

In our box this week: blueberries, cantaloupe, corn, 3 different types of tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, carrots, onion, and PEACHES!!! 

As I am typing this I am enjoying a little caprese salad with some of the little yellow tomatoes, fresh basil from my front flower planter, fresh mozzarella cheese, and balsamic vinegar. YUM! 

Tonight I am going to use the carrots, onion, and some of the corn to make a Turkey Pot Pie Stew similar to this one from Natural Nourishing

Daniel loves pot pie but gluten free pie crust in not a specialty of mine, so I make the inside part of the pot pie and we usually eat it over toast or biscuits. 

Daniel is also a big fan of peach cobbler, so I think those peaches will probably be used to make some Gluten Free Peach Cobbler like this one that I posted a few years back

What is your favorite thing to do with peaches? 
(Personally, my favorite is to slice them onto vanilla ice cream!) 


  1. Sliced peaches with vanilla yogurt ~ yummmmm!!!

  2. Peach crisp, peach cobbler, peach ice cream, peach preserves, and plain peaches. YUM!!

    We went to Augusta,GA this past weekend. We drove on to SC and got 14 boxes of peaches from the farm. I only got 2 for us. Everyone I have talked that got them loved them. So sweet!!

    Charlotte Moore

  3. I bet those peaches are AMAZING!
    I have ate more blueberries this past summer then I have my whole life. YUM

  4. How are you doing at using your box every week? I feel I can never do it before some of the produce goes bad!