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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Adventures in Rebekah: 3 months old

I feel like I am going to start every post about Rebekah the same way: how has another month already past!? Well, here we go again....

Dear Rebekah, 

You have had a very busy month, filled with lots of firsts! You took your first trip to Minnesota to visit your Grandma Deb and Papa Ron...

While you were in Minnesota you got to meet two of your great- grandpas and lots of other family members. You were bashful for the first time and it is so fun seeing you develope new emotions! You even got to meet some new friends from Minnesota!

You went to your first wedding and I was so happy when you slept during the ceremony.
You got your first fever after you got some shots...Mommy cried almost as much as you did.

You also got to meet your cousins from Colorado for the first time this month. You loved watching them play! 

You are such a sweet happy girl! You love playing on your activity mat and in your swing. Your new favorite place to play is in your jump seat! 
Tummy time is not always your favorite but you tolerate it most days.

You have been learning lots of new noises and like to practice them all the time - especially when mommy is changing your diaper. You usually stop when I take out my phone to capture them on a video ( little stinker!) About a week ago you laughed a real big girl laugh but we haven't gotten you to do it since. You are getting good at grabbing things with your hands (like mommy's hair) and have also started to discover your feet and ears.
Sleep is something we are working on. Some nights are better than others. Most days you only want to nap if I am laying next to you. But mommy and daddy are trying hard to teach you about good sleep. We love you so very much, sweet Rebekah! 

(On a side note, it is getting more challenging every month to get a good picture of her! So wiggly! But it makes for some good outtakes...)


  1. Look at her smiling with you.., shes precious. .. growing fast

  2. I LOVE looking at all the photos of your precious little sweetpea, but those outtakes are hilarious!!!

  3. These are so precious. Love the ones of the different poses. They change so quickly. ENJOY!!!

    Charlotte Moore