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Friday, November 7, 2014

Adventures in Motherhood: Nap Time

I'm laying in bed as I type this...typing with one thumb. Why just one thumb ? Because my left arm is the being held hostage by a sleeping baby. Before Rebekah I thought nap time would be when I got things done around the house... But not today. Or yesterday... Or all last week. You see, Rebekah has been going through a phase of not wanting to sleep during the day. (Thankfully once she falls asleep at night she has been sleeping pretty well.) 

I feed her. I rock her. She is totally asleep. I put her down. Slowly back out of the room and about 3 minutes later... She is awake. Not just awake. "I took a nap and am ready to play" awake. We try again with the rocking but with the same results...

So today there is a new plan in motion. Just get her to sleep.  More than 20 min at a time. Because, you see, on days when she doesn't sleep more than 20 min at a time during the day - the afternoons and evenings are a grouch-fest. Nothing makes her happy. Fussy is the name of the game. 

Everyday I learn more about what it means to be a mom...

Mom lesson I learned today:

Yes, I have other things I could be doing right now. We are having guests over tonight - I could be cleaning. I should probably be cleaning. But I'm not. I'm snuggling my sweet girl because that is what she needs me to do right now. I'm working on letting my plans go and enjoying each stage of Rebekah's life. Being there when she needs me. And I know someday I will wish she wanted to snuggle with me and take a snooze. So I'm taking full advantage of this snuggle bug's nap time today. 

Hopefully our guests tonight will understand that baby snuggles are more important to me than a clean kitchen. 

Any tips on babies and sleep? :-) 


  1. Well, it might be, if you can stand it, that if you let Rebecka cry a few minutes she would go on off to sleep. But, I do know that is easier said than done. Our kids are 38 and 35 and my Grans are 6 and 5. I hope she will level out and take a morning and afternoon nap and it will be such a treat to your day. Happy weekend!

  2. So sweet. :)

    My only advice would be to just go with it. They go through growth spurts and wonder weeks that mess up sleep. You can't spoil a baby by holding him or her! Just know that it will get better. :)

  3. Oh, how I remember those days! What a sweetheart!

  4. I'd be more than happy to come and snuggle with your little sweetpea so you can do other things = )
    As Kay Arthur would say, "Hangeth thou in there!".
    These precious days with Rebekah will go by so quickly ~ before you know it she'll be walking and talking saying "I can do it myself"!