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Friday, September 19, 2014

Adventures in Rebekah: 1 Month Old

We are a few days past the one month mark... but let's just pretend it's the 15th -okay? 
Hooray, Rebekah is 1 month old! 
Dear Rebekah, 
What a wonderful, exhausting, joyful, emotional, and challenging month we have had. You has been a wonderful  baby - very good natured and easy going (unless you wants to eat or have gas!). You has spent this first month eating, sleeping, snuggling, and growing! You have gained over 2 lbs since you were born! You are starting to "play" more with your toys. Your favorite toy is a little red crab that hangs from this activity mat that you got from your Uncle Willie and Aunt Chelsea. 

It's so fun to watch and listen to you play. Every time I look at you I love you more and can hardly believe you are ours. You are a true gift from God Rebekah Elise! 


  1. She is so beautiful!!! Enjoy every second. It passes sooo fast.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. I found your blog via blog-hopping and am loving finding blogs with new babies and pregnancy! She is so cute :) Congratulations.