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Friday, August 29, 2014

Adventures in Life: 2 Weeks Old

How can 2 weeks seem so long and at the same time go by so quick?! 
Over the past 2 weeks 
we have been doing lots of snuggling...

(mostly her, not so much us)

a photo shoot with Auntie Wen...
(more of those photos to come!) 

A trip to the pediatricians
(just a regular check up - everything is great!)  

And a few moments of awake time
(most of that time has been spent eating - she is a good eater!) 

Thank you for all of the sweet comments - we are so thankful for our
 happy, healthy little girl! 


  1. What a precious doll. I am sure she is the Princess of the house. So cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Charlotte Moore