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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adventure in Life: Are You An On-line Shopper?

I have a confession...
I much prefer shopping on-line to shopping in a store.
(Am I the only one?!) 
I'm not a huge fan of stores, or malls. To many people. Waiting in lines. I am just not a fan...
Perfect example of this: 
This year I only purchased 2 of the Christmas gifts we gave, in person, at a store. The rest of the gifts we gave were purchased on-line. 
Just before Christmas a friend told me about a perfect website for me. It's called Ebates. Have you heard of it? I've been using it for a few months now, and I wish I had heard of Ebates a long time ago! 

Sound interesting? 

Here are the basics:
*If you are going to order something on line, make one quick stop first at and see if the store you are going to purchase from is an Ebates store. (FYI: I have yet to find a store that is not on Ebates. Even Amazon is an Ebates store!)

*Click on to the store website via the Ebates page and then just shop like normal. 

*When you make your online purchase, a percent of your total will be added to your cash back reward account on Ebates. Different stores offer different percents back. Gap = 2% back, Kohl's = 6% back, Land's End = 6% back, Ulta = 4% will just have to check out the list at Ebates

*4 times a year you will get a check in the mail with your cash back reward. And guess what. YOU REALLY GET A CHECK! I just got my first check yesterday!

Like I said, I just started using Ebates, so my check is just a small one, but my next one will be bigger because I've ordered a few different items in the last few week. 

Now, there is one other way you can earn cash back rewards - telling other people about Ebates! For each of your friends who signs up for an Ebates account, you will get $5! So if you enjoy shopping on line, and you want to help me earn $5, please click on the link below and sign up!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

(Even though this totally reads like a sponsored post, it's not. I just wanted to share with my fellow on-line shoppers a way to earn money back with a few clicks of the mouse.)


  1. Oh, goodness, there's no other way to shop outside of online. It's the best and 80% of my Christmas shopping was done online and 60% of my shopping is always done online and I do have an Ebates acccount. Happy Valentine's!

  2. I've always heard about it but always forget to use it... I'm a HUGE online shopper too.

  3. I have an account but have yet to actually use it!

  4. I'm actually the opposite--I love malls and I don't buy clothes online because I don't know how well they'll fit! I've heard of Ebates before and it definitely makes sense if you prefer to shop online anyway!

  5. I heard about ebates years ago but have never tried it. For some reason it makes me nervous that they track shopping, like can they steal more info?! Clearly I'm a paranoid person lol.

    I shop online all the time though and could've probably made some decent money through this program!

  6. It's awesome, isn't it? You can even book travel through it-- we just booked our trip to the Grand Canyon, hotels and car rental, using it, and made back $7 bucks. I mean... every little helps, right? :)