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Monday, January 27, 2014

Adventures in Reading: Claiming Mariah By: Pam Hillman

With all this snow and cold weather, I've have some extra indoor time to catch up on some reading! If you are a blogger who loves to read, I would definitely recommend checking out the Tyndale Blog Network. My latest Tyndale read is called

This is the first book by Hillman that I have read. She writes inspirational fiction set in the turbulent times of the American West. Her style of writing is very reader friendly and is perfect for a rainy/snowy day when you want some light reading and a story that will capture your imgaination. I have always been fascinated by the Wild West - Little House on the Priaire and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman are still 2 of my most favorite TV shows. If you enjoyed either of those shows, you will enjoy this book. 

Claiming Mariah is set in the Wild West of Wyoming in the 1880's. Life on the ranch has never been exactly easy for Mariah Malone or her family. With Mariah's father's passing, it falls to Mariah to keep Lazy M ranch working. On his deathbed, Mariah's father reveals a secrete about how he acquired the gold to purchase the land that Lazy M was built on. When Mariah decides to write to the person her father has wronged to ask forgiveness, she never thought that the man's sons Slade and Buck Donovon, would show up a few months later at her front door, with a different version of the story and demanding that Lazy M ranch rightfully belonged to their family. Trusting that God would provide for her and her family, Mariah does what she believes to be the right thing to do. She signs the deed for Lazy M over to the Donovons and takes a job running the house at Lazy M ranch for Slade Donovon until his mother and sisters arrive from Texas. With the future uncertain, and the reality of leaving the only home she has ever know behind, Mariah's faith is tested like never before. 

Hillman does a wonderful job of weaving an exciting historical fiction story that makes you turn the pages faster and faster to find out what happens to the characters that you grow to love. While I did find the plot some what predictable, it was a thrilling story with a satisfying ending. 

I did receive my copy of Claiming Mariah for free from Tyndale Publishing, however the opinions in this review are all my own honest opinion. 


  1. This appears to be interesting. Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings :-)

  2. Veronica, I stumbled upon your review and wanted to say THANK YOU so much for reading and reviewing Claiming Mariah. :) Pam Hillman