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Monday, January 20, 2014

Adventures in Gluten Free: Toaster Pastry Face Off

We are always looking for new gluten free products to try. Often there are several brands that have similar products and we like to compare and see which brand we prefer. Remember this fall when we did the gluten free cookie face off? Well, we were at our local grocery store this weekend and Daniel said he was in the mood for toaster pastries (Ok, let's be honest, he said he wanted a Pop Tart, but Kellogg's doesn't make gluten free Pop Tarts...and who really calls them toaster pastries?) We did find 2 different brands of strawberry toaster pastry and decided to have a face off! 

Here is the packaging. 
We enjoy several other glutino brand products, and this is the first time we have ever tried an eco-planet brand product. 

Price: $4.49
Pastries per box: 4 (2 packages of 2 pastries) 
Price per pastry: $1.12
Flavor: The frosting did add sweetness to the pastry, but that was about the only flavor that we tasted. The filling was nearly non-existent and did not really taste like strawberry. 
Texture: The pastry held together well in the toaster and was crispy after being toasted. The filling was very sparse and dry. Not a moist jam like filling that the picture on the box suggests. 

Price: $4.79
Pastries per box: 5 (individually wrapped)
Price per pastry: $0.96
Flavor: Not to sweet, actually a little on the salty side. The strawberry flavored center did taste very much like strawberry. However there is no frosting on this pastry, which I think would improve the flavor. 
Texture: The pastry held together in the toaster well, and was crispy after being toasted. Very similar in texture to Kellogg's Pop Tarts. 

Results: If I could take the frosting from the Eco-planet pastry and put it on the Glutino pastry, I think we would have an amazing little treat! As is, we both much preferred the flavor, texture, packaging and price of the Glutino brand toaster pastry over the Eco-planet. However, at nearly $1 per pastry, they will only be a special occasion item in our grocery cart!

Do you know of another brand of gluten free toaster pastry out there that we should to try? 


  1. I can't help you with this, but I have learned to make my own cream of mushroom soup instead of using the canned, which contains gluten, and I can tell you it tastes a million times better!

  2. yum! you and your husband are darling