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Monday, August 26, 2013

Adventures in Gluten Free: Cookie Face Off

One thing that we have been really missing since eating gluten free are good, pre-made cookies. Like Oreos. Specifically Oreo milk shakes! Every time we "run into a blizzard" at Dairy Queen, Daniel would love to order a Oreo Blizzard....but he doesn't. So we decided to splurge and try 2 different kinds of gluten free chocolate cookies with vanilla frosting to see how they compared, and if they were worth the cost. 

Trader Joe's Joe Joe's GF Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies
Price: $3.99
Number of Cookies: 28
Price Per Cookie: $0.14
Flavor: Both the chocolate cookie and the vanilla frosting have great flavor - and no funny after taste that many gluten free products often have. 
Texture: Crisp, almost melt in your mouth texture of the cookie. Not like an Oreo, but a little more like a short bread cookie flavor. The creme filling is soft and the cookies pull apart easily for those people who like to lick the frosting and then at the cookies. 

Glutino's Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies
Price: $4.39 (at Walmart) 
Number of Cookies: 20
Price Per Cookie: $0.22
Flavor: If my eyes were closed, I would initially think this was an Oreo. Flavor starts off the same, but does have a slight "gluten free" after taste.
Texture: Crunchy cookies and creamy frosting. Perfect amount of frosting (to me). 

Results: While I prefer the textures of Glutino's cookie, the flavor and the price of Trader Joe's cookie wins my vote. They are definitely worth the cost on special occasions, but not really an every day kind of gluten free food item. 

Do you have a favorite pre-packaged gluten free cookie? Have you tried either of these cookies? 


  1. We love Trader Joe's Joe Joe's. Around Christmastime they sell Peppermint ones that are outrageous!

  2. Are the trader Joe's JJ gluten free?? As far as I knew they weren't...

    1. There are regular and gluten free Joe Joe's. We just purchased our box of gluten free Joe Joe's this they may be a new item :)