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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adventures in Life: The One With The Bad Hair Day

All I've got for today is this...
And FRIENDS fans out there?!
It's super humid today in my neck of the woods, and I totally feel like my hair looks like this!
Oh, Monica. We are alike in more ways than just our hair, but that's a story for another day.
Just thought I would share about my bad hair day.
Happy Thursday!


  1. It's been so humid here too. One of the classrooms on campus was more humid than outside (How does that even happen?!?!)

  2. Just yesterday, I was pumping gas & it's been rainy - que the humidity... my hair was 3 x's bigger when I got back in the car... I could FEEEEELLLLLL it growing!

  3. How funny! It's been so humid here so lots of us are having bad hair days as well. You know misery loves company, so you've got plenty. :o)

  4. I know! (Did I hit Monica's register?) Yeah, the humidity thing is really a problem with my hair, too.

  5. Love this! Exactly how my hair does in the summer ;-)