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Friday, October 18, 2013

Adventures in the Basement: Tile Floor in the Bathroom!

We have been working hard this week to check another thing off of our "Operation Finish Basement List". 
Check it out!


That's tile.

On the floor.

In the bathroom.

I have to say, I can take no credit for this project. 
It was all Daniel. 
He cut, laid, and grouted this floor himself. 
What a guy, right?!
These pictures make the tile look a little more grey than they are in real life. They are a nice mix of tan and grey porcelain tile - the style is named "excalibur bianco", and the grout color is "canvas". 
Next project on the list, setting the toilet (again, all Daniel), building our sink cabinet, and what every good bathroom needs: a door! 

Have a wonderful weekend!