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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventures in Life: A Memory To Relive

I'm back with another addition of Blogtember! Today's prompt is

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

Why is it that so many of the most important and exciting events in life seem happen so quickly?! You hardly get to enjoy them, and they are over...My moment I would love to relive was captured in this picture.
You may notice that this picture matches the new look of the top of the blog. This is one of my most favorite pictures. And it's one of my most favorite memories. It's a little hard to tell just exactly what is going on in this picture, so let me recount the memory...

A Saturday afternoon in September, after a fun day at the beach in Naples, FL, Daniel and I went for a walk on the beach to watch the sun set. (We were in Florida just for the weekend visiting Daniel's family who was vacationing in Naples for the week). As we were walking, we were looking for shells or shark teeth to collect, my eyes were glued to the sand hoping for a great find. After a short walk we decided to turn back to the car and the rest of the family because there were some rain clouds coming in over the Gulf and we didn't want to get rained on. With just a few steps back towards the car, Daniel bent down to 'pick-up a shell' and I kept walking assuming he would quickly catch up. But he stayed down on one knee, and called for me to turn around... There he was a little shell in one hand, and ring box in the other. *This is the part I wish I remembered better.* He had a wonderful speech prepared, but I don't remember any of it. He claims I didn't say the word "YES!" until he asked me twice, but he knew the answer by the tears on my face and the squeeles as I jumped up and down trying on the most beautiful ring he had picked out perfectly for me. I was just so excited to be engaged, maybe I did forget to say yes at first...

So the picture above was taken by my sister-in-law who was down the beach when we got engaged. 

I would love to relive the memory in the above picture....when Daniel asked me to be his wife. 


  1. oh.. this is such a nice story, and such a wonderful memory, I bet! :)
    so lucky you two! :)))
    I probably will be acting the same way.

  2. I love that you have a picture of him proposing! What a sweet story! My memory is a little fuzzy when it comes to the words my husband actually said, too. That might be for the best though, because he was fairly nervous and I don't think he gave quite the speech he had intended! :)

  3. Love it! What a beautiful memory : ) It's so funny how we forget what our hubby's said when they proposed! I do have a copy of a poem he wrote, but the memory is vague...I just remember being flustered and my knees knocking and smiling so hard my cheeks hurt and, of course, saying yes : )

  4. That is so sweet! How special that you have a photo of Daniel proposing.

  5. What a beautiful and happy memory! And now I'm thinking of my own engagement...happy memories. I gotta say I very much enjoyed this topic!

  6. Oh my gosh, I totally go the chills reading this! And I could tell he was proposing as soon as I saw this picture :) What a perfect way to propose!! I would want to relive this as well!
    p.s. I had no idea you can find shark teeth along the beach??