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Monday, September 9, 2013

Adventures in DIY: Tips #4

Are you ready for tip #4?!

(This one is an ongoing struggle for me...)

Tip #4) For any home improvement project, always remember It will be dirty. You most likly won't be able to keep up with the dirt and that's O.K. Like I said this is an ongoing struggle for me as we have been finishing our basement. Every time I clean the upstairs, the house is dirty again with in days. Much quicker than normal. 

As we have been going along we have tried to keep the dirt...

And now the dust.. 

down in the basement.
But it just doesn't work that way! At first the extra dirt/dust/overall filth really stressed
me out. No matter how hard I tired, I could not keep up with it, especially when you add in time spend working in the basement, there were just not enough hours in the day. And then I realized that this is just the way DIY home improvement projects are! Our house is under construction, and it's going to be dirty. So just live with it, give yourself a pass on having a spotless kitchen floor, and enjoy the process of investing sweat equity into your home. Being stressed about having a clean house is just not worth it. 

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  1. Oh boy! Yeah, the dirt is a vital part of any DIY project. My "specialty" seem to be the paint drops everywhere! ;-)

  2. You are smart to just give in and realize when you are finished, you will have to clean EVERY SPACE. And then you will still find dirt!