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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adventures in Baby Shower: Gender Neutral Baby Shower Decorations and Food

Post #2 in this little Gender Neutral Baby Shower series is all about 
Decorations and Food.
(If you missed part #1 about the theme and invitations, just click HERE)
Gender Neutral Birds and the Bees Baby Shower Adventures of D and V
Now, if you have spend any time at all around this little blog, you know that I am a DIY girl, and this shower was no exception. I made all the decorations and food all myself...and I had a horrible nightmare the night before the shower about the food (but more on that later!)

I tried to stick with the colors yellow, blue, and green from the invitation, and snuck in a bit of purple too. Using circle cut outs I made this little sign for the living room that is pretty much the first thing someone sees when they walk into our house. The little bumble bee is made of card stock and his wings are made with vellum paper (a translucent paper found in the scrapbook paper section of any craft store). To cover up the green frog tape I used to hang the sign, I made some flowers out of colored card stock. 
What Will You Bee? Gender Neutral Baby Shower Sign Adventures of D and V

I used streamers throughout the house. I like to make streams a little extra fancy by sewing 2 colors together, slightly overlapped, and scrunched a little as I go with the sewing machine with just a regular straight stitch....Does that make sense? Would anyone like to see a video tutorial on how I make these? Just let me know in the comments! 
Sewn Scrunchy Streamers Gender Neutral Baby Shower Adventures of D and V
(Here is my attempt at being 'artsy' and taking a photo of a streamer on the back door)

I had some regular flowers to decorate the lunch table with, buy my favorite touch are these flower pens on the table! To see how I make them just click {HERE}. These little pens are perfect for decoration, useful in games that require pens, and are also what I use as a gift for each of the ladies at the shower to take home with them at the end of the event! When each guest used the pen at home, it is a reminder for them to say a little prayer for the Mom, Dad, and Baby.
DIY Flower Pen Gender Neutral Baby Shower Adventures of D and V

This next detail is both a decoration and an activity that we did at the shower. It is a Baby Shower Prayer Wreath. I decorated an empty wreath with some flowers, ribbon, a bird and some little bees. During the shower I have each of the guests write a short prayer on a colored strip of paper and then I weave those papers into the wreath. There are several prayers from ladies who could not attend the shower in person but who will be praying for the new baby, Mommy, and Daddy! 
Baby Shower Prayer Wreath Gender Neutral Adventures of D and V

I am all about activities that also serve as decorations, so I made up this little calendar for the ladies to take a guess at the date the baby will be born! But that is an activity...and Activities are on this post HERE. 

Guess the Baby Birthday Gender Neutral Baby Shower Adventures of D and V

Just like I am all about activities serving as decorations, I love when food serves as a decoration as well!! I did not have time to take tons of pictures of the food, but here is what was on the menu for the shower:

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Appetizers Adventures of D and V
Fruit and Veggies with Dip
Chips and Salsa
Oh, and my Grandma's chick feeder filled with peanut M&M's 
(you can read about the chick feeder HERE)

Virgin Mimosas 
Lemon Water
and Boy/Girl Punch
Gender Neutral Baby Shower punch Adventures of D and V
Since we did not know if the baby was a boy or a girl, I thought it would be fun to have "blueberry boy" punch and "red raspberry girl" punch so people who vote for what they thought the baby was by the color of their punch! For the punch recipe click HERE.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Hawaiian Rolls
Pasta Salad with Chicken
Cranberry Apple Cole Slaw
Deviled Eggs 

Mini Muffin Brownies
Sugar Cookies
Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cookies Adventures of D and V

And now for my nightmare...I woke up EARLY Saturday morning after having a bad dream about the pulled pork. We had smoked the meat ahead of time and put it in the freezer (in real life, and in my dream) but in my dream when I went to take the bag of frozen pork out of the freezer and put it in the crock pot the morning of the shower...the bag was filled with potatoes, not pork. And there was no pork to be found in the whole house!! I was so upset because there was no pork to serve at the shower!!
Back to real life ~ When I work up I had to go straight to the freezer to double check the pork! Don't worry, it was pork, and not potatoes. 

Up Next: Activities!! 

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  1. oh my god the dream!! I hate dreams like that. Love the decorations looks like an amazing shower!