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Monday, November 19, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: This or That

Last week Lani @ It's My Life
posted a super fun idea, and I am playing along today.
It is a link party called
Pretty self explanatory, right? Well if you want to join in on the fun, you can copy and paste my list and fill in your own answers or you can go {Here} and copy a blank list from Lani

1. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate when it comes to cake and candy, but I prefer vanilla ice cream.

2. Morning or Night: Night! ...I am not a morning person.

3. Eating in or Out: Eating In - we both love to cook and enjoy just relaxing!

4. Cats or Dogs: DOGS! 

3. Apple or Windows: I would like to be able to say Apple, but I have to say Windows.

4. Store bought or homemade cookies: homemade 

5. East coast or West Coast: I have not spend much time on the East coast, in fact South Carolina is as East coast as I have gotten. So I will say West coast.

6. Night out or night in: Night in

7. Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi if those are my only 2 choices. Dr. Pepper is my favorite!

8. Laundry or Dishes: Washing laundry, but putting away dishes. Explanation: I hate loading the dish washer, and I hate folding and putting away the clean laundry...

9. Football or Baseball: Football

10. Reality TV or Sitcom: Sitcom

11. Electronic reader or paperback: Paperback

12. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook...I still don't really understand the point of Twitter.

13. Eloping or Wedding: Wedding

14. Math/Science or Language Arts: Math/Science

15. Salt or Pepper: Salt

16. Friday or Sunday: Sunday

17. Movie theater or rentals: rentals

18. Paper newspaper or online news: paper

19. Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving

20. Oscars or Grammy's: Oscars

21. Gas stove or electric: Gas. 

22. Gold or Silver: Silver (well, white gold)

23. Coke or Tea: Sweet tea

24. City or Country: wish I country, but suburbs for us now. I'm NOT a fan of the city.

25. Diamonds or Pearls: Both!

26. Peanut butter or Jelly: Peanut Butter

27. Colors or black/white: black/white

28. Online shopping or actual shopping: online shopping! My goal is to order all Christmas gifts on line this year. 

29. College or High School: college

30. Breakfast or Dinner: Breakfest

31. This one is for you! Do you set up your Christmas tree BEFORE or AFTER Thanksgiving? (leave a comment with your answer)
Click {HERE} for more information about the 


  1. love this! I am going to have to do it too! ;) good call on the diamonds and pearls. I will have to email you all the reasons I love Twitter to convert you ! lol

  2. Looks you have a few followers who might link up!! We are so much alike! except I can't stand online shopping, I have to touch things before I buy them. Really I don't like shopping at all! Thanks for your faithful following and linking up:)

  3. That was fun, I'm joining in! Normally I start my trees after Thanksgiving but I am traveling the week after Thanksgiving so they went up yesterday but still need ornaments put on them which will start after I get off my computer :)