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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Adventures in the Basement: Old Floor Gone, New Floor Coming Soon

We are nearly done with the digging phase of Operation: Finish Basement! There are just 2 footings left to be dug. And the old floor is completely gone (and the 2 feet of clay under the old floor). 
Here you can see the dark grey line where the old floor used to be. The area under the grey line is the new footing and wall that we made. 

To get a little perspective here is the area on October 7th...
 And here it is on November 7th!
So what comes next? 
First we need to put down a layer of stone as the base of the new concrete slab.
Then a layer of
vapor barrier (a big sheet of black plastic)
wire mesh with radiant pex pipe attached to it so we can have heat! 
and finally the layer of concrete.

Our goal is to pour the concrete floor sometime next week! 


  1. Thanks for the visual of the work! Please feel free to bring your laundry over while you can't reach the basement floor. My washer is used to clay filled clothing.

  2. When I come over and see your project I am just amazed. I don't know if I've ever heard of anyone doing this before! You are going to be set when that is done.

  3. That seems like such an intense project. We don't have basements in Louisiana. It looks like yall have made amazing progress though. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  4. It's looking great you guys!!!

  5. Hooray, the digging is done!!!!
    Hoping the rest of your "Operation Finish Basement" goes smoothly.

    I'd offer to let you use my washer & dryer....but it's probably a little too far for you to drive all the way up to MN just to do laundry ; )

  6. You are making progress! I'm still amazed at what you are trying to do!

  7. Fun! My wheels start spinning of all the great things this will become :) LOVE the picture of you and your hubby! So sweet!!

  8. I am just so impressed every time I read about this project. It makes my shoulders, my back and my arms hurt just reading about all the digging. I'm so excited for y'all and I so enjoy watching the progress.

  9. Wow - that's a lot of work that you all have done. But it certainly looks like it will be worth it -- what a huge amount of space you're gaining!