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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adventures in the Basement: The Last Footing

Tonight we poured the last footing section! 
Remember when we did the first one in JULY
 Last weekend we put down the layer of stone across the whole floor...
 And this weekend we will put down the insulation and radiant heating Pex pipe....
And hopefully by this time next week we will have a new concrete basement floor!
Would you please be in prayer for 3 things this next week?
(1) That the inspections with the building and plumbing inspector would go well.
(2) That everything with the big concrete floor pour would go smooth.
(3) For safety for everyone working in the basement! 


  1. i'm excited to see the finished product.

  2. Wow....things are looking better in the basement all the time!!

    Will definitely be lifting those requests up in prayer for you guys!

  3. That must be finally get ready to have a floor in. Praying it all goes well.

  4. Oh, yes, will sure be praying! I know that these inspections can get very "ticky" and I pray it will go "smooth as silk." Exiting times!