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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures in Media: The London Olympics

So, am I the only one who tears up at The Olympics? I mean, seriously, even some of the commercials about the Olympics make me get misty eyed! Maybe it is because as a kid I dreamed of representing our country in the Olympics as a swimmer. Or maybe it is because I know just how hard each of those athletes have worked for years to train their bodies to become Olympic athletes...The stories are so amazing, and life changing moments are happening every few minutes. Records are being broken, and people are pushing themselves to be better, faster, stronger - it gives me chills!

Anyway, last night we watched the Opening Ceremonies. I am not normally a huge fan of them. I would rather watch the actual competition. But I do like seeing the Olympic flame entering the arena and the torch lit, so we tuned in, and I was pretty impressed. Here are 2 of my favorite parts - for those of you who didn't get to watch - this is what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler on Monday!
James Bond and The Queen Make a Memorable Entrance
Mr. Bean Plays With The London Symphony Orchestra
This made me laugh so hard!
Good Luck to all the athletes!
Let the Games begin!


  1. I believe that you inherited your misty eyes from your mother ; )

  2. Oh noooo....the links no longer work as someone removed the videos!!!!!

    I had fun watching them this morning....but now they're gone = (