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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: Hodgepodge Wednesday

We have been hard at work in the basement this week and I am getting a post ready on that but in the mean time I thought a fun link up was in order. And when I saw the first question was about The Olympics, I couldn't pass up this week's
1. The Summer Olympics officially begin this Friday night...will you be watching? If you could see just one event in person which one would you pick?
We will probably catch a bit of the opening ceremony, but besides the lighting of the torch I have never been much of an opening/closing ceremonies watcher. Only ONE event...hummm, it would definitely be a swimming event {remember swimming is my favorite sport}. But JUST ONE event, how could I ever choose! Maybe the 400 freestyle relay, or any of the seven events Missy Franklin will be swimming in - I am totally on the Franklin bandwagon! Ok, I need to stop with this question or else it will be more like a 500 word essay - I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! 
2.Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?
Yes and no. Yes because I love the feeling of checking things off my list and getting stuff done, but at the same time no because I love to rest and relax with my hubby and everyone needs a break once and a while. 

3. July 25th is 'officially' Threading the Needle Day...can you sew? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being Betsy Ross-like, how would you rate your skill with a needle and thread?
Um, I would have to say 7 working on being an 8. I love to sew (when I have the time) but would not call myself a master sewer. 

4. 'Threading the Needle' can also mean to walk a fine line between two things or issues (think awkward social situation). When was the last time you had to 'thread the needle', figuratively speaking?
I cant really think of a time when I had to do that...maybe at work. 

5. Kidney, pinto, black, or navy...your favorite bean?
I love all kinds of beans, right now I would have to go with black because I like to make black bean and corn salsa!

6. Have you ever hosted a garage sale? Was it more success or bust?
No, but I have several "garage sale" boxes and have been trying to pin down a date to have one! 

7. What makes you roll your eyes?
When Daniel does something silly 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I can hardly wait for the farmer's market on Wednesday morning!


  1. There is a lot of hype around the Olympics this time. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Our Farmer's Market is on Thursdays - always look forward to them.

  3. I"m on the Franklin bandwagon too...just saw an interview with her this morning. The swim events are also my favorite and inspire me to move faster in the pool : )

    Thanks for playing along today!

  4. Black beans are the best! Enjoy watching the Olympics. Hope you got a lot of great veggies today.

  5. Yum - that salsa sounds amazing!! My son was a swimmer and I do like to watch that event. I just don't go out of my way to find it. If I happen on it I will watch.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by today :)

    I hope your visit to the farmer's market today was a productive one. My hubby and I are planning to plant our fall garden this week-- and that's like having a farmer's market right out the back door. Love it!

  7. I love the Farmer's Market... Everything looks so inviting and we all happily eat so much healthier when we shop there!

  8. Looking forward to our farmer's market tomorrow. It's getting toward the end of peach season and I haven't had any really good ones yet.
    You have a nice blog, new follower.
    Thanks for the visit to my blog.
    Have fun "at" the Olympics.

  9. Our eye rolling seems to be triggered by the same thing!


  10. Relaxing with the hubby is always a good thing ;) I love your sewing; I saw the summer bag you had on your blog. Have a great week :)

  11. I'm with you on the opening & closing ceremonies ... I only like the lighting of the torch. Otherwise, let's get on with the GAMES!

  12. I don't think I've ever watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Think maybe I'll plan on doing that this year. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  13. Love the swimming part my book you are a master 7 0r 8 I'm impressed! We have a farmers market every Wednesday and Saturday....I feel for the farmers the drought has been so bad! Have a wonderful day!