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Friday, June 15, 2012

Adventures in Life: Poll Results and a New Poll!

Thanks to everyone who voted for how I should arrange my new shelves! The winner was

So this is how my new shelves are arranged!

Next poll...
I scheduled a hair cut! 
Tuesday, June 26th.
I am one of those people who does not get hair cuts every other month. 
I think the last time I got mine cut was November (I'm bad, I know!) 
So would you be willing to help me pick how to get it cut?! 
It is pretty long right now.
(March 2012)
I am feeling adventurous today...
And have been doing some pinning.. 
Option 1: Shorter and layered to make these waves look hair is a mostly straight but holds waves 
like these. 
(Not changing my hair color...still brown, just cut like this)
Option 2: A just above the shoulder's been years since my hair has been this short!

 Option 3: Get a few inches cut off and layered for a below the shoulder wavy look. 

Over on the side bar there is a new poll. Which one do you like best? 


  1. I say go for the Heidi Klum! I love that hair cut on her! If I didn't have such a round face, I would go for that cut.

  2. Oh, I really like option one and two!

  3. The last one is no good. In between is not great. I like to grow my hair really long and then cut it to a bob. Looks amazing and makes you feel great!

  4. Either style will look fabulous on you, Veronica = )

  5. I really love the first option!

  6. Option 1! I wish I could do it for you! :-)

  7. Veronica
    You should try that website where you upload your photo and you can try many different hairstyles BEFORE you cut!!! Janika told me about it....can't remember the name. Maybe you can google it? I vote for #2. ~patti