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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventures in Blogging: Handmade Gift Exchange

I am a sucker for any kind of blog exchange!
Coffee Mug Exchange
Handmade Card Exchange
I think it is mostly because I love getting things in the mail, and it makes me happy to send things to people in the mail too! So when I heard about this
 I was totally in!
Linda's blog Craftaholics Anonymous is one of my favorites, 
and she is so amazing for organizing all of this! 
Each crafter is given a person to make a handmade gift for. 
While a different person is making a gift for them.
It's kinda like a Secrete Santa for the Summer!

My giftee (the person I sent a gift to) does not have a blog, so couldn't be sneaky and find out what her style was on my own. I had to rely on my questions and her answers to come up with a great handmade gift. 
In her answers, I keyed in on the fact that she likes the colors pink and apple green, and she likes writing. So I came up with this great gift for her
I used Modpodge for the first time (gasp!, I know, how have I never used it before?!) and covered this cute little jar to hold these pink flowers. 
They are actually not just flowers, each bloom is also a pen!
To see how I make these flower pens click
It is off in the mail...I hope she likes it!

1 comment:

  1. So fun! I'm sure your giftee will love it! Flower pens just make me smile :) Isn't Modge-Podge awesome?
    Happy Day!