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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adventures in Life: 10 on Tuesday Road Trip Edition

Like I said yesterday, we went on a little road rip this weekend. After a certain point, our familiar radio stations no longer come in, and with hours left on the road, what do we do?! Here is a list of 10 things we do to fill our time on road trips.
1) Book on tape. We LOVE listening to books on tap and have been know to sit in the car after arriving at our destination to find out what happens. Some of our favorites have been the Richard Castle books ~ the ones that the TV show Castle are based on.
2) Reading the road signs out loud. People, have you read some of these signs. They are so funny, or weird, or advertisements for the most random places. We get some good laughs out of some of the road signs.
(we didn't see this one, and I cant find the link, but I think it is funny!)

3) Guessing games! We don't play lots of guessing games, I am bringing this back from my childhood. We did lots of road trips, and played lots of guessing games. Usually at the request of my little brother. He loved the animal guessing game. One person thinks of an animal and all the other passengers ask yes or no questions until you think you know the animal.
4) Scavenger hunt game. This can be a bunch of different things - type of car, color of car, letter on a license plate...
5) Slug Bug. Enough said. 

6) Eat some yummy snacks. I try to bring snacks with us, because GF snacks are not typical gas station food. Granola bars, apples, rice cakes. 
7) Sing along. Playing our favorite songs and sing along at the top of our lungs. When weather is appropriate, windows down! 
8) Chinese Fire Drill - At a stop sign or stop light, everyone gets out of the car and runs all the way around the outside and gets back in. We loved doing this as kids, and it still makes me giggle even as an adult. 
9) Find funny things to take pictures of...or on. This was on a road trip with a friend. We worked so hard to get a picture of both of us standing up on that statue in the freezing cold! This is as close as we got. 

10) Enjoy time with the person you are with. My favorite thing to do on road trips with my man is to talk. About anything, everything, or nothing. Make plans for the house, make plans for the future, talk about our jobs, or movies we want to see...just un-interrupted time together. 

What do you like to do to pass the time on road trips? 
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  1. These are great. My husband loves to play the license plate game - where we just start making a list of all the plates we see from different states. If we get more than 30, that is a good trip.

  2. great list! thanks for linking up! :)

  3. #8 made me giggle. We have never done that. However, not too long ago, we were driving behind my parents on a two lane highway (on a long road trip) and they closed one lane (for construction). We had to wait for our side's turn to go, so I said to my family, "I'm going to go tag their car."

    I ran out, touched their vehicle, and then ran back to our van. The kids were laughing like maniacs while my husband cringed. LOL ;)

  4. Thanks for coming home last weekend! The celebration would not have been complete without you and Daniel here. It was wonderful to see both of you and I really appreciated all of your help with the preparations, party, etc. The weekend went by way too fast though : (

    When I'm on car trips, I also like to watch for animals ~ especially llamas!!!

    Remember when Grandma DeLores would say, "Aaaaaaaaaah - Eeeeeee" and duck her head down whenever we drove under bridges?