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Monday, May 7, 2012

Adventures in Faith: Counting to 1000

I was thinking in the car this weekend (something I had plenty of time to do on the 7 hourS drive to and 7 hours back from Minnesota) that it has been a while since I posted about counting 1000 blessings in 2012. And to be perfectly honest I have not been doing much counting since our vacation in April. But today I am back to at it, and I can feel my focus shift towards thankfulness when I make my daily list of 3 things. 
 things that bring me joy, 
 gifts from God,
ways HE has blessed me...
Writing these things down reminds me how truly blesses I am. I like to use the monthly prompt list so today I looked up the May Joy Dare List. The idea for today was "3 things about your home". Since I just spent the weekend at my home (well, my home when I was growing up) I knew this was the perfect day to pick back up counting to 1000.

391) Celebrating a great achievement together at my little brother's graduation.
392) A sound roof over our heads as family gathered to celebrate and the rain came pouring down!

393)  Celebrating another great achievement at my Great Grandma Mae's birthday party ~
 She turned 96!

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