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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adventures in Life: Random

Just like the title says, today is a little bit random.
Ok, a lot random!
Here we go:
1) I tried to make English muffins this morning. Gluten Free English Muffins.
The recipe still needs some adjustments before I am ready to share it with you all. They were very much filled with nooks and crannies, just as an English Muffin should be, however they were not crusty on the outside. And they were a bit crumbly. My hubby said they were great, and took an extra one in his lunch, but I think I can make them even better. Stay tuned for that! 

2) In 15 days it will be my birthday! On my birthday I am flying to Puerto Rico to be in the wedding of one of my best friends in the whole wide world! 
That's a Puerto Rican castle on a hill. 
It is going to be beautiful and I am SO excited!
(Oh, and after the wedding, Daniel and I are going on a cruise!!! Double excited!!!)

3) Yesterday I went for a swim at the gym we are members at. I am trying to go a few times a week. You see, I have been a swimmer my whole life. Literally. I was in baby swimming lessons with my mom. I joined a competitive swim team when I was 5 years old. I swam for my high school. I swam for my college. There is nothing that I don't LOVE about swimming. (I think I just found my next Friday Favorite post!) ANYWAY, yesterday when I was at the pool, I was swimming in laps in the lap lane (there are 5 lanes in the pool at our gym, 2 for water walkers, 2 for slower swimmers and 1 for faster swimmers). I was in the faster swimmer lane and there were 2 other people in the pool also. One walker and one slower swimmer. Add to scene a 4th swimmer. A water walker. Did he take the open water walker lane?
He came in the fast swimmer lane.
Where I was swimming. 
And he started walking. 
In the middle of the lane. 
Now, don't get me wrong. I do not mind, at all, sharing a lane with someone. But, come on! There were 2 other totally empty lanes! One of which was clearly marked that it is designated for water walkers. (If you enjoy water walking, please know I have no problem with this from of exercise. I actually have done it before and know that it is a fantastic, low impact form of exercise.) It was just so rude! I don't know that I have a point other than I was completely annoyed and just as I was about to switch to one of the open lanes a group of ladies came in and started using the open lanes. So I stayed put and finished my workout.

 Thanks for letting me vent! 

4) Remember when I shared my Apple & Oat muffin recipe on My Freshly Brewed Life?
Well today is day 2 in Barbie's wonderful series 

Check out the next post in the series of healthy living..

5) Have a happy Thursday!


  1. Wow that was random. As for your lane-mate, aren't those situations the worst? You want to be assertive, but there is such a fine line between politely telling someone to booger off and being a total, well you know, witch. Poor V.
    Also, something of a swimmer, you could mention that you hold over half the records on the board from your high school swim team! Brag a little, you're good enough!

  2. And also, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! You get to go on a cruise too?! That sounds so fun! Congratulations to your friend getting married, looks like a beautiful venue!