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Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventures in Faith: Dealing with Disappointment

I have a loooooooong list of weaknesses. 
On that list is dealing with disappointment. 
Truth time: Dealing with disappointment = BIG weakness for me.
 I am a total mountain maker out of mole hills. I'm talking Mt. Everest sized mountains sometimes. Without God's grace and power, I am completely unable to deal with disappointment in a Christ like manner. This past weekend, God gave me an opportunity to let His grace and power work in my heart as I was dealing with a disappointment. I say work in my heart, because my brain knows what to do. 
My brain knows that the disappointing situation was:
1) out of our control
2) not the end of the world
3) just the way things turned out.
But my heart was still hurt. I was still disappointed.
In situations like this weekend I have a choice to make.
 I have a choice as to how I deal with the disappointment. 
I can either: 
A) Accept God's grace and power to calm my heart, heal my hurt, take away my bad attitude, not letting this disappointment leak into other areas of my life. Show understanding in the situation. To let God's sufficient grace to overflow from my life into the life of the person/situation that caused the disappointment. Look for a blessing in the disappointment. 
B) Do the exact opposite of A. Toss grace aside. Let the disappointment and hurt leak from this one situation into other relationships, conversations, and experiences. Place blame. Make others feel guilty. Pout. Feel sorry for myself. 

I wish I could say that I chose A right away this weekend. 
My brain knows to choose A. 
But I can't choose A on my own. 
Disappointment is a weakness for me.
Only by God's power and grace can A be a reality for me. 
My default is B. 
Thankfully, God knew this was going to be a weakness for me.
And He laid this verse on my heart
And every word of this Scripture is God's truth and grace whispering to my heart! His grace IS sufficient ~ if I let it in to do it's work. God's power IS made perfect in my weakness. You see, I like to think I can do things myself. That I can handle things on my own. (Cue God chuckling and shaking His head at me ~ Oh, when will I learn it is only by His power!) This is yet another example of my human weakness, and God's all powerfulness.

 Lord, I realize that my weakness in an opportunity for Your strength to be revealed. Through You alone can I have peace, understanding and grace when disappointments arise. Help me to rely on Your strength and grace when disappointment arises this week. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. I can relate! I too love to pout- and hand in hand with dealing with disappointment oftentimes is forgiveness. Also bad at that. An adventure indeed!

  2. This post is so good, and so true! Option A is so much better, but I choose option B too often too.

  3. Oh, sweet Veronica, how I have enjoyed this post! Such a tender heart you have leaning on the Lord for your strength. I am so happy you shared on Think on These Things because it is perfect to encourage others.


  4. I was blessed by this same verse a few days ago. Powerful words.

  5. Hi D & V~

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring blog each week at my {new neighbor on the blog} link bash. I so appreciate it & have featured you as my {new neighbors on the blog} this week. Please drop by & see the feature post, I hope you like it.


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  6. This verse is one I intend to think about today, and your post gives me much to think about, also. Your Point A and Point B sound familiar to me, and I wish I could say that I always choose A, but it wouldn't be true! I enjoyed visiting your blog ~ blessings to you today!

  7. thank you for sharing this! that is really hard for me too. I'm so thankful for a God who is strong is our weaknesses too.

  8. Awesome post, Veronica. How easily we forget that this immeasurable power is right there in us! I was JUST thinking today about how our default is such a far cry from what our reality COULD be because of Christ... Thanks for choosing integrity so many times, Veronica. Surely it becomes easier the more we make that choice, right? :)