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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Christmas 2011 Adventure (part 1)

Having family in 2 different states means we get to stretch out our Christmas. Where some families have to rush around to multiple houses for family gatherings on December 24th and 25th, but not us. We get to enjoy one family at a time. This year we got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Minnesota. It was the last Christmas we will get to spend in the house I grew up in as my parents are getting ready to down size and "move closer to town". 
We had a fantastic time of fun, food, and family! My parents got us all tickets to see 
 and we laughed until our sides hurt... seriously, if you have a chance to see this show, it is good, clean humor! Check here to see if there are any shows near you. 

My Grandpa Linn took us all out for a wonderful dinner after the show, and then we all opened presents!
I have to wait until March to get one of my gifts - my mom ordered me the
NEW Pioneer Woman Cook Book
  (note to self, do a post on how much I LOVE the Pioneer Woman!!!)

After church on Sunday, Daniel made a prime rib roast for dinner and boy can my man cook! It was literally the best prime rib I have ever had
(ok, i dont remember the last time I had prime rib, but this meat was melt in your mouth yummy)
(Can you tell I was excited to eat some meat?!)

The whole weekend was a sweet time of fellowship with family members
that we do not get to see often enough.

Christmas 2011 Adventure to be continued with the rest of our Christmas celebration this weekend...


  1. You'll have to share how you like PW's new cookbook when you get it. Love her!

  2. Thanks for coming to MN for Christmas weekend ~ loved seeing you and celebrating with you!!

  3. Looks like you had a great Christmas. I'm a PW fan too. I haven't made any of her recipes, but really enjoyed watching her programs on Food Network.
    Hope you do a post on her.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Great cook book! Love her blog, I just made her Penne a la Betsy, so delic!!!