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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adventures of a New Year

I have been following different blogs for a while now, and this time of year there are a lot of "Top Posts of 2011" or "Favorite Projects of 2011" but since this is only the 4th post on the blog I can't really do anything like that, but you can sure bet one seeing one about this time next year! So instead of looking back at this past year of 2011, I am going to look forward to the new year of 2012!

May you all have a

Some day when I have a fireplace and a mantle, I am going to go sign crazy! I love these little signs :)

Do you have any New Year's Eve plans?


  1. Wishing you a wonderful New Year! No plans as of yet but we'll just have Ali so a date might be in order. Possibly Wii with friends tonight. Tomorrow the Seger get together.

  2. We will be staying home on New Year's Eve...grilling steaks for dinner and watching a movie, "The Help".

    After going to church on New Year's morning, we'll be traveling up north to attend the Seger family gathering at Jackee & Cabot's house!

    By the way, we have 2 fireplaces with mantles in our new townhouse if you'd like to make us some of those pretty decorative signs...just in case you can't wait for "someday" to come ; )

  3. Loving the blog! I dunno how to post a comment, hoping this works. Happy New Year to the Hills!
    Love Maried and James

  4. We'll be staying in with champagne in our PJs, watching the ball drop! Happy New Year!