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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adventures of Caleb: 7 Months

Dear Caleb, 

This past month flew by as we celebrated your first Christmas and took another trip to Minnesota. 

You are becoming quite the good little traveler in the van, keeping yourself entertained with toys and other things (like empty water bottles) while stuck in your car seat. You are not a fan of being restrained an any  fashion. 

(Sleeping in your car seat.)

This month you have gain a lot of mobility and independence as you have mastered crawling on your hands and knees as well as pulling yourself up into standing position. 

Mommy has to keep a close eye one you because you are still learning how to get down from said standing position and are constantly toppling over (sometimes bumping your head). Sometimes I have to put you in "baby jail" (your pack'n'play) just to get a moment to use the bathroom! You are such a focused and determined boy.

 When you see something you want, you really go after it. And lately you have been wanting whatever your sister is playing with.

 She is still quicker than you and can take her toy and run away, leaving you in frustrated tears, but some day soon I think you will be just a big and quick as she is! 

You tried lots of new food this past month. You like everything you try. Bananas, pears, peas, green beans, squash, carrots, gobble it all up. 
Mommy also gave you your first hair trim this month. Your bangs were getting so long and getting into your eyes, so I trimmed them. Which is not an easy thing to do! You are such a wiggle bug, and even more of a wiggle bug when someone wants you to sit still. But with every wiggle, I love you even more!

(One more picture. This picture was just before he turned 6 months old, but I didn't share it last month because I was using it for a Christmas gift. But it's just to cute not to share!) 

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  1. Such cute, sweet pics of both of them. Goodness how they are growing. Goes by so fast, doesn't it?

    Charlotte Moore