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Friday, February 26, 2016

Adventures of Rebekah: Bedtime Routine

Some days I feel like just when we get into a routine that works for us, something changes and I am back at square one. Trying to figure out what is the best way for us to make it through the day. At the moment the thing that is changing for us is our bedtime routine. 

Rebekah is a great sleeper (most days!) and is pretty easy to get to sleep. She knows that when she is zipped into her zippy that it is time to sleep. We close the door, turn on her air filter, turn off the lights and have a little 'nun-nun' (I nurse her) before I put her into her crib. And that is that - usually she wiggles around for 5 or so minutes and then is asleep. The thing that is changing is we are taking away her 'num-nums'. (Cue dramatic music - she is NOT so thrilled with this new development.) 

I'm not going to go into to great detail about our decision to wean her, but after 18 successful months of breastfeeding, we both feel like it is the right time to stop. 

But this has thrown a wrench into our bedtime routine.

She is a snuggle bug both before and after she sleeps, but if I snuggle her before her nap, (in her own words) she wants num-nums. So, I have been trying different things to help her make this transition. One thing that I have found helpful is to read her a story before I put her into her crib. She still gets snuggles from momma, but there is something else to keep her mind occupied and off of nursing. 

One book we have been enjoying before bed is "Good Night, Little Love" by Laura Neutzling.
9780718034672, Good Night, Little Love

This is our newest book published by Tommy Nelson and Rebekah just loves it. The story is sweet and the pictures are beautiful. Not that we should pick a book based on it's cover, but this cover is embellished with sparkly hearts that we love to feel with our fingers. We are practicing 'reading' together and she loves to say "good night little love" with me on each page. As the mommy rabbit tucks her little bunny into bed, we get ready to tuck Rebekah into bed. 

Reading seems to help, and so does singing. We have been singing "Jesus Loves Me" before her naps. While, she cant really say the words yet, it is so sweet to hear her hum along with me. Oh, bedtime. We will figure you out yet! 

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I was given this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. We loved that book too! I have never nursed beyond 6-7 months, and I imagine it must be harder to wean the older they get. :-/ Sounds like you have a good strategy!