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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Adventures in Motherhood: Everything Does NOT Depend On Me

Guess what? I am not perfect. (I know, big surprise, right?!) Never have been, never will be. I wasn't perfect before I was a mom. And I'm not perfect now that I am a mom. But here is a secret - a deep dark secret that I don't usually tell anyone. I wish I was a perfect mom. For the 15 months that I have been a mom, I have tried every day (for at least a little bit of the day) to be a perfect mom. I want what is best for my sweet girl, so I read and I research and I try to do everything right for her.... But try as I might, everyday I fall short of being the perfect mom. Because I'm not perfect. No human is and I know that. But it was still frustrating to me that I couldn't be a perfect mom. 

I say "was" because God has been working in my 'type A' heart and mind on this topic of perfection. You may remember that I am a part of a book launch team and got to read an advanced copy. The book is available for purchase now. It's called Hoodwinked and it is for each and every mother out there. Really, it is. Go order it - you will be so glad you did. I promise there is at least one chapter in the book that you need to read. 

But back to what God has been teaching me. One of the chapters in Hoodwinked I read several times over because it was just what I needed to hear. It was the chapter titled "Myth: Everything Depends on Me". You see, I believed this myth. Some days I still do. I thought I had to do everything perfect for Rebekah. I thought that if I didn't do everything perfectly for her, that she wouldn't grow up right. I believed that how she turned out as a person all depended on me. And it was exhausting - trying to always do everything perfectly. And trying to do everything myself (because you know that if anyone else did it, they would just mess it up! I know, I'm a little crazy! God is working on me...) And then I read 2 different snips in the book, and my life as a want-to-be-perfect-mom changed forever. Are you ready - here are the 2 thoughts....

Everything does NOT depend on me! If I look to myself, I will be discouraged and dismayed. But if I look to God, I will receive the strength and encouragement I need to parent my kids to His glory. p. 124 Hoodwinked. 


Because if I were a perfect mom-knew all the answers, never steered them wrong, could meet their every emotional, spiritual, and physical need-it would bring about a terrible awful result. My children would have no need for God. p.126 Hoodwinked

When I read these words, it was like a weight was taken off of my shoulders. The only one who is perfect in my life is Jesus. And the only one who is perfect in Rebekah's life is Jesus. I have been looking to myself to provide everything for her, and becoming discouraged. I need to be looking to God as our provider - for everything. It was such an encouragement to read these truths and be set free from the myth that I needed to be Rebekah's perfect everything mom. God has it under control - He knows every detail of her life and mine too! And yours too!! 

Do you believe any mothering myths? (I said in a previous post that I didn't think that I did - but I did!)

You can order your copy of Hoodwinked on Amazon or on Proverbs 31 Ministry website right now!

(I was provided this book for free in exchange for my participation in the launch team activities, but all of the opinions about the book are my own true thoughts.) 


  1. Having/raising children really changes one's perspective, doesn't it?
    It can feel very humbling and overwhelming. It's not easy or for the faint of heart, but it's totally worth every sacrifice.
    I believe God designed families and parenthood to show us just how very much we need Him!

    If I haven't told you recently, you and Daniel are doing a wonderful job raising Rebekah!!
    She is very blessed to have you for a mother = )

  2. I think every mom - or woman - needs that reminder.