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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Adventures in Motherhood: Little Helping Hands and Spiders

Rebekah's newest thing is handing things to me. She does it all the time. Books, balls, and dolls. Sticks, dirt, and leaves. Anything she picks up, she wants to put it in my hand. This is especially true when she gets her little fingers wrapped around something she knows she is not supposed to have. I know this is happening because I hear her little mischievous giggle and then her little feet running towards me as she holds out her fist with a look in her eyes that says "Look what I have for you, Momma!".

This morning, we were finishing up breakfast and watching the morning news on the couch in the living room, and Rebekah was handing things to me. A book. A scarp of paper she found on the floor. A book. A finger puppet in the shape of a lion from her quiet book.A book. And then she came walking up to me with her fist closed tight around something that I could not see. I asked her what she had in her little hand, she giggled, and I held out my hand for her to give it to me...and she dropped into my open hand....a slightly squished, still kind of alive, SPIDER!!

I may have yelled a little. Maybe it was more like a scream. Even typing this now, I still feel like I need to shake the spider off of my hand and its been a few hours since I was holding it. (blahhhh! yuck! spider in my hand, spider in my hand, spider in my hand!!!) But Rebekah was so proud of that little treasure she had captured found for me.

What a silly girl!


  1. Ewww...I don't know if I could have held it together if Rebekah had given me a spider!
    I'm shaking imaginary spiders out of my hands just thinking/reading about it = )

  2. haha... I have to teach my grandsons not to kill spiders :) #animallover
    Kids have to explore everything - even icky bugs :)