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Friday, September 18, 2015

Adventures in Life: Daily Devotionals

Spending time with God each day, reading the Bible and praying, has always been an area that I have struggled with. I go in spurts. Sometimes it is a few weeks on and a few days off. There have been times in my life that it has been months off. It's not because I don't want to have a little bit of quiet time in my day to spend time with God. I do! I want the quiet time. But for whatever reason, the habit has been a difficult one for me to form. 

I am a work in progress!

One tool that I have been using this year is an app on my phone called She Reads Truth. I have been doing their read through the Bible in a year study - and I've done a pretty good job of keeping up for most of the year. I started in January and at the moment I am just a few days behind - but I fully intend on catching up and finishing this year. 

Even though it will still be a while before Rebekah can read on her own, I still want to be modeling for her reading the Bible every day. We just got a great new book to help us do that! It's called Read Me A Bible Story 365. This daily devotional book starts in Genesis and goes through the Bible, ending in the book of Acts. For each of the 365 days of the year, there is a kid friendly paragraph paraphrase of several verses from the Bible.
Here is the page from Tuesday. At the top you can see the date, the verses that the story comes from, and what I call the kid friendly story that the writer, Sally Ann Wright, came up with from the verses for the day. I really appreciate that the Biblical reference is included in each day, so that we can teach Rebekah that these are not just stories that someone made up, but the word of God. 

I am really looking forward to using this book for family devotional time! 

If you would like to win a free copy of Read Me A Bible Story 365 -  There are 3 different ways you can enter (and if you do all 3 you will have your name in the drawing 3 times!)

(1) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me if you have a daily quiet time, and if you do, what does it look like?


(2) Click over to our Adventures of D and V Facebook page and like or comment on the post about Read Me A Bible Story 365


(3) Visit my Instagram page and like or comment the picture I have posted about Read Me A Bible Story 365

The winner will be selected and contacted on Monday, September 21st. 

I was provided this book for free from Tommy Nelson Publishing in exchange for sharing my opinions. My opinions on blog are all my own true thoughts.

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