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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adventures in Rebekah: Mommy Discoveries

Everyday I make discoveries. About myself as a mom. About the world around me. About my sweet girl. Some of them are major discoveries, but most are just little things that make me shake my head and smile to myself. 

For example, when Rebekah was just a few months old I discovered that I don't mind picking up disposable diapers when they are freshly removed from a baby's bottom. Still warm from the baby booty body heat, it doesn't bother me... but let that same diaper sit on the changing table for 30 minutes and blahhhh! I can hardly bring myself to pick up that cold, squishy, squashy, yucky diaper. I gag a little bit just thinking about having to pick up a cold diaper. (I'm weird, I know, and I'm ok with it!)

And have you ever noticed that the tags of all (ok, not ALL, but most all) stuffed animals are place on the stuffed animal's bottom. How did I realize this? Well, Rebekah loves to put tags in her mouth. The other day she was crawling around with the tag a stuffed puppy in her mouth and her little nose was...well...right on the puppies behind. I wish I had gotten my phone out to snap a picture - it was funny! And then I looked at the rest of her stuffed animals and they all had the tags on or close to the animals bottom. Why do they do that? 

Anyway, that's all today. Just a few random mommy discoveries...maybe I will start a mommy discovery list here on the blog! 

(Waiting for Daddy to get home from work so we can wave to him!)


  1. What a beautiful photo of our two precious "sweet peas" = )

  2. You can see the excitement on both your faces. Waiting for your Prince Charming to get home is a thrill for both of you. Sweet!

    Charlotte Moore

  3. I'm sure when you put on mommy goggles, everything looks different :)
    That picture is ADORABLE of the 2 of you!