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Monday, July 20, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: 11 months old

Dear Rebekah,

You are 11 months old now! 

AND in just one more month you will be one year old! This past month with you was so fun. I would call it the month of "P".

Your favorite game is "Peek-a-boo". We play about a million times a day. If there is anything you can hide your face behind, you do. Toys, socks, boxes, table cloths, books, Mommy's cell phone...all become part of the ongoing peek-a-boo game between you and the world. It is adorable. You smile and giggle, even when you are playing peek-a-boo by yourself.

Your newest talent (if you can call it that) is letting your pee-pees out on the potty. (Lots of "P" in that sentence!) After noticing that you would let your pee-pee out when I would take off your diaper, we decided to see if you would do it while sitting on a little potty chair. AND YOU DO! And sometimes you even let your poopie out too! (Dear Reader, Sorry for being disgusting, but we are pretty proud of our little pooper!) You obviously can't tell us when you need to go to the bathroom yet. But on days when we are home, Mommy will take you about every 45 minutes when you are awake to sit on the potty and try to let your pee-pees out. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don't, but you do know how, and we will take that for a win for now! (Plus, you use less diapers when you let your pee-pees out on the potty, which means less laundry for me!)  

Another "p" word we have enjoyed is the POOL! You love to swim, which makes Mommy so happy! The weather has been a little cool, but we try to get to the pool once a week.

(Oh the drama!! If you don't get what you want, often this is the result for a few moments... Then you move on and are a happy girl again.)

The most exciting part of this last month was that Gramma and Papa Ron came to stay at our house for almost a whole week. You had so much fun going on walks with them, getting horsie back rides, reading books and learning some new sounds with them.

Oh, and I almost forgot, you got a new pet! Well, pets. Plural. We got a fish tank with some fish for you to watch! You love trying to touch the fish when they get close to the glass...and sometime you like to bang a toy against the glass...but we are trying to teach you not to do that!

(The tank is not on the floor anymore - daddy built a special cabinet for it.) 

Rebekah, I can hardly believe you are almost 1 year old already! You are such a fun girl, and I just love spending my days being your mommy! 

(Here are a few photo outtakes - you really wanted to put the sticker in your mouth but your mean mommy wouldn't let you! Oh, what a face you made when I took it away!) 


  1. How she is growing. She is such a cutie.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. I love the outtakes :) haha
    I can't believe 1 is just a few weeks away!!!

  3. I received the book I won a few minutes ago. That was fast. Thanks again!!

    Charlotte Moore