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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adventures in Reading: Say and Pray Bible

It's no secrete that we are a family who loves to read. Rebekah and I read books every day - and there are lots of book related posts on this little blog. But by far the most important and most frequently read book in our house is the Bible. As parents, Daniel and I want to make sure that our children grow up knowing Jesus, and what better way to do that than growing up reading God's word. Eventually, Rebekah will have her own "big girl" Bible to read, but until she is ready for that, we want to make sure she has her own "little girl" Bible to look at.

We have several different kid friendly Bibles for Rebekah, but today I wanted to show you our newest one! It's called the Say and Pray Bible by Diane Stortz, and it's published by Tommy Nelson. This Bible is for children ages 0-4 years old. It's sturdy padded board book does a wonderful job of introducing little ones to God and Jesus. 19 familiar Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments are included in the book. For each story there is a Biblical reference, a short story explanation (1 or 2 sentences), a Bible verse (short and great for memorizing!), a prayer, and familiar objects labeled for children to point out as you talk about the story. Below is the page for Jonah.

We really love this book! The thing I appreciate most is that there are a wide variety of Biblical accounts included in this Bible. While it does contain classic children's Bible accounts like Adam & Eve, Noah, and Jonah, it also includes 10 stories about the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus. (Many children's Bible I have looked at just have the birth of Jesus.) But it does not include the death of Jesus - which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand it is a book for children 0-4 years old, so I can see why the author would not include the account of Jesus dying on the cross to keep the content age appropriate. However, Jesus' death to pay the penalty for our sin is the most important part of the whole Bible, and I would have liked to see it included. That issue aside, I think this little Bible will be used by us for years to come. Right now I point to the different objects and name them, but I know it wont be long until Rebekah can point to them and even start naming a few. This would make a wonderful gift for a baby dedication or baptism! 

And guess what?! You have the chance to win your very own Say and Pray Bible from Tommy Nelson Publishing right now!! You ACTUALLY can earn up to 3 entries! 
 Here are the ways you can enter the giveaway: 

(1) Leave a comment here on the blog telling me who you would like to have this sweet Bible for. (Make sure there is a way for me to contact you if you win.) 

(2) Click over to the Adventures of D and V Facebook page and comment on the post there about the Say and Pray Bible.

(3) Find me on Instagram {HERE} and comment on the picture I posted of the Say and Pray Bible.

The winner will be drawn and notified on Tuesday, July 28th.  

I was given this book free by Tommy Nelson Publishing, and the opinions expressed here are my own true thoughts. 


  1. This would be great to read to my great daughters. You should have my email address.

    Charlotte Moore

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  3. OOPS!! Great granddaughters!! My brain is slow. I have been listening to roofers hammering for a while. YIKES!!

  4. Hi Veronica and Daniel! Thanks so much for featuring Say & Pray Bible here on your blog. I love the photos of the book on top of the Bible! I hope you'll enjoy many wonderful hours reading it with Rebekah.

  5. I would adore the Say and Pray Bible for my son Noel who is a year in a half!

  6. Hi! I can be reached at if I am a winner for Noel😊