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Monday, June 15, 2015

Adventures of Rebekah: 10 months old

Dear Rebekah,
You are 10 months old - today! (Momma is on the ball this month!)

This past month has been a busy one! 

The highlight of our month was taking a road trip to Minnesota. The first leg of our road trip was just you and Momma. (Daddy had to stay home to work). And you are a very good road trip buddy! We drove 5 hours together to Wabasha, MN where we met Gramma and Papa Ron and a whole lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins for your Great-Grandpa Seger's 83rd Birthday.

{Road Trip Buddies!}

{My Grandpa with almost all of his great-grandchildren. My cousin Leah took this epic picture! Can you spot Rebekah?} 

{swimming in the hotel pool with Papa Ron}

Then we went to Gramma and Papa Ron's house to spend the rest of the week with them. Daddy joined us half way though the week and we had a fun mini vacation. 
{Knocking down towers at Gramma's House}

{Meeting New Friends ~ Molly and Rebekah}

You got to meet some new friends while we were in MN, and it was so fun watching you play with babies who are about the same age as you. You are very curious about other babies...and not very gentile with them. 
This month has been pretty exciting in the food category. You got to try fish, chicken, beans, zucchini, broccoli, pancakes, rice, and a few other new things. Rebekah, girl, you LOVE to eat! When it's time to eat, your zoom over to your booster seat in your walker, lifting your hands up in the air for me to pick you up. As soon as you are in your seat, you little legs start to kick, and your little lips start to smack. Getting your squirmy little body buckled in and your bib on can be a challenge when you are so excited to eat! Your little fingers grab the food off of your tray and put it straight into your munching mouth. Most of the meal time is filled with the sound of your smacking lips and a loud "mmmmmmmm" sound that you make when you are enjoying what you are eating. 

Since the weather is warmer now, we are spending more time outside! You love to go for walks, visit the park, and sit with mommy on the front steps and watch for daddy to get home from.

You are just the best little shopping buddy there ever was. One day we went to get flowers at the flower store to plant in the front window box.

And we took our first trip to our local swimming pool. 

And mommy put your hair in your first pony tail!

Each month you just get more and more fun to play with. Oh, I almost forgot, you learned how to do peek-a-boo all by yourself this month. It is so cute - you hold a blanket or other toy over your eyes and when I say "where is Rebekah" you pull it away and I say "peek-a-boo!" and you just laugh and laugh.

You are also learning the meanings of things that mommy and daddy say. The most recent one is "let your pee-pee's out". It started when I would take off your diaper to change you, if I would say the magic phrase about half of the time you would do it! So just in the past few days we got a little potty and we are practicing "letting your pee-pee's out on the potty". And you do!!! (Only about half of the time - but it's pretty exciting for mommy and daddy!) 

You must be growing so much because for most of this month you were waking up 2 times a night to nurse - and you were so hungry each time! Mommy loves spending time with you in the middle of the night, when everything is quiet and peaceful...but I will be very thankful when you start sleeping through the night again!

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much, our sweet girl! We can hardly believe that your first birthday is coming up! 

(10 month outtakes - you were very interested in the sticker this month and were very good at taking it off!) 

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  1. She just gets cuter all the time. Her complexion has such a pretty color. Such a doll.

    Charlotte Moore