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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Adventures in Rebekah: 6 Months Old

Dear Rebekah,

6 months. 1/2 of a year! What a big girl you are getting to be!

You are such a sweet girl, Rebekah. I just love spending each day with you! We spend most of our days playing, reading books, rolling around on the floor, jumping in your jumper and making fun noises. 

Here is your newest noise - it sounds like you are trying to beat box!

You have figured out how to get where you want to go by rolling and skooching around - but no crawling yet. You love to look at books - your favorite books are Bear Snores On  and That's Not My Lamb. You do such a good job of sitting still and listening when momma reads to you. You like to look at the pictures and help mommy turn the pages. You LOVE water and get so excited when mommy or daddy turns on the shower or faucet. You giggle and wiggle so much, like you are going to burst with excitement. It's adorable! Mommy can hardly wait for summer time so we can go swimming at our local pool! 
Speaking of adorable - you looked adorable for your first Valentine's Day!

And everyone always thinks you are adorable at church - Mommy loves dressing you up for church. 

And you look adorable in your comfy clothes too
You hold on to the rails of your changing table when I'm changing you - it's pretty cute! 
We are still using (and loving) cloth diapers. We have a wipe warmer with little wash cloths in it - but sometimes mommy forgets to make more wipes when we are out. Your face is so funny when I have to use a cold disposable wipe on your bottom! I can tell you are wondering "what is going on?! why is that wipe so cold?!". Sometimes I wonder what you are thinking, and sometimes I'm pretty sure I know exactly what is going on in that sweet little head!

This month you started sleeping in your own room, in your big girl crib. 
It has been an adjustment for you and for mommy and daddy. 
And there have been lots of tears - from you and from mommy. 
It is very hard for mommy to let you cry!
But you are doing such a good job! You are leaning how to fall asleep all by yourself! 

You put everything you can grab into your mouth. And your grip is very strong! Your daddy got you a walker this month and while you have not quite gotten the concept of walking in it, you do like standing up like a big girl in it. 

You went sledding for the first time this month...

You were not the biggest fan of the snow. 

You also got to try real food for the first time this month. You have had rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes. You are not really sure most of the time if you like the food or not, but you like holding your spoon and chewing on it. Mommy is excited to have you try more new foods this next month!

We love you more than words can say, Rebekah!!

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  1. she is adorable!!! i love her eyes! and the letting them cry is just so hard! and it doesn't get easier! but it's soooo nice when they start sleeping longer stretches!