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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adventures in Rebekah: 4 Months Old

Dear Rebekah, 
You are 4 months old today! What a special month we have had, filled with family, friends, and special occasions. 

You got your first bath in your own special bath tub (before you were just getting showers). You LOVE the tub. You splash and kick and don't cry at all. Even when you get water in your face. Mommy and Daddy love watching you in the tub. You started wearing cloth diapers this month now that mommy finally got her act together enough to wash them. You look very cute with your bum in the cloth diapers!

You discovered your toes and for a week or so, you would hardly let them go! 
You also love to jump in your jumper. Sometimes it even looks like you are trying to dance. And the most exciting thing you learned is how to roll from your back to your tummy. It took quite a few tries to get the hang of it, but you didn't give up. Now, every time you are on your back, you try to roll onto your tummy! 

You are such a happy, sweet girl. For your first Thanksgiving you were with all of your grandparents and most of your aunts and uncles. Everyone loved holding you and making you smile. 

You love looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations around the house. Your Auntie Wen took some beautiful Christmas pictures of you - you are such a good little model! 

You had 2 very important events at church this month. The first one was your dedication service. You did a great job of being adorable while Pastor Jim and Pastor Dennis prayed for you.

The 2nd event was a surprise for mommy! For our 5th wedding anniversary, daddy arranged for us to renew our marriage vows! It was extra special because you were there with us. 

Look how much your have grown this month! You are almost to big for all of your 3 month clothes now.... 

It is hard to believe that this time last year we were just finding out that you were growing inside of me! 
What joy you have brought us, sweet little girl! 


  1. She is adorable. Enjoy your Christmas with your precious Rebekah!

  2. So adorable :) Can't wait to meet her! And I love that Daniel surprised you with a vow renewal for your anniversary! Want to hear all about it at the Christmas get-together :)

  3. Oh my goodness - that picture of her in the white headband ... its so beautiful.
    She's starting to really get her personality, isn't she? It's shining through.

  4. Oh my gosh, she is a doll! She looks so much like you! How are you liking cloth diapers so far? I think they are so cute. :-)

  5. Ahhhh! She is just the sweetest little thing! Enjoy every moment!

  6. Such a precious post about a precious little girl! Know this will be a most special Christmas with your little doll. Christmas blessings!

  7. She's adorable! Love the pictures and how she looks at everything with such open pretty eyes.
    love your family photo as well