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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adventures in the Basement: Rebekah's Room

When I was pregnant with Rebekah, I loved looking at pictures of nurseries. If there was a blog post about a nursery reveal - I read it. I pinned ideas almost every day, and was so excited to decorate her room...

Rebekah turns 2 months old this week...and we still do not have her room ready for her. We have been working little by little, but she is still sleeping in our room and probably will for a little while longer, so I'm not feeling to stressed to get it finished. In the mean time we have been gathering items to make her room an extra special place for her. 

I want to share with one special thing that will be in her room. A few week, on a blog that I love to read, Passion, Pink & Pearls, I saw the cutest pencil wreath drawings done by Veronica (the writer of the blog - it is very exciting for me to know another Veronica!!) and I knew that I needed to get one to hang in Rebekah's room! 

I contacted Veronica via e-mail ( to ask if she sold her wreath drawings and if I could commission her to make one for Rebekah. I was thrilled to find out that she did create drawing for sale - each one totally unique and customized. Look, she even has some artwork for her little business:

I gave her some color ideas and things I would like included in the drawing and here is what she sent: 

I LOVE IT! The walls in Rebekah's room are painted light purple and pink so this wreath will fit in perfectly. I love the little banner at the bottom with Rebekah's birth date on it. It looks beautiful from a far, but when you get close up and see all the little details - it is all the more pretty! Thank you so much Veronica!
To see more examples of Veronica's work CLICK HERE

She does all kinds of custom wreaths and each one is so unique and beautiful - they would be a perfect personalized gift for a baby shower, wedding, or even a Christmas gift (ah, Christmas?! It's coming so fast!!) Each one is only $25 and that includes the cost of shipping it to your house (or where ever you want it sent). So, check out Veronica's blog for ideas, and shoot her an e-mail with your ideas and she will create you a truly unique and special work of art! 

Passion, Pink & Pearls ~

And because no post now is complete without a cute picture of Rebekah...

Ok, I know that's 3, but I couldn't just pick one. She is just so stinkin' cute!
I hope to be able to show you Rebekah's finished room soon! 


  1. What a pretty keepsake. And Rebekah looks like she's about to give it a "thumbs up" in that first picture! Although I'm thinking some Badgers gear would look good on the girl....I'm just saying :)

  2. love it girl! thanks so much for all your sweet thoughts. Your little girl is precious!

  3. Oh, she is just precious and the wreath for her room is so neat. I've never seen anything quite like it. Very original! Happy rest of the week!

  4. How pretty the wreath is. The first 2 pics of her are my favorite. Love PINK!!! She is adorable!!

    Charlotte Moore