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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Adventures in Life: Thoughts on Thursday

Well, I'm still pregnant. 40 weeks and 3 days and working on learning yet another lesson in being patient! We know that she will come when she is ready, and at our appointment with our Midwife on Tuesday everything looked great! She has a strong heart beat and is a little wiggle worm in there. 

So, as I am bouncing on my birth ball, I thought I would share some random thoughts with you all today (if there is anyone still reading! This little blog has been neglected very neglected in the past few months...)

1) I am SOOO thankful for the weather we have been having this summer! Today it's sunny and 71 degrees which is like my all time favorite weather! ....August in Chicago is usually HOT. Like 85-90 and humid. Thank you Lord for the cool weather! 

2) Even though the weather has been cool - I still have been loving anything cold. Ice water and popsicle to be specific. Outshine fruit popsicles to be even more specific. I usually have one every afternoon when I get home from work. They are made of fruits and veggies, and have not artificial colors or sweeteners in I tell myself that it's a healthy snack! 

3) We've been addicted to 3 shows this summer: Master Chef, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Last Ship. (Well, Daniel not so much on SYTYCD...but I love the dancing!) Do you watch any of these shows? 

4) Did you read my review last week of Sarah Sundin's new book In Perfect Time? Well, guess who did? Sarah Sundin! And she left a comment! I'm so excited that she took the time to read my review - and if you are looking for a great end of the summer read - I HIGHLY recommend In Perfect Time! 

5) We put up the mirror above the sink in the basement bathroom last night and I've been working on moving our bathroom stuff down stairs - but I'm waiting until the bathroom is completely finished before I put up any more pictures of stay tuned! We still need a bit of trim and a few paint touch ups in there before it's ready for the big reveal. 

6) Being past 40 weeks pregnant is pretty frustrating. I know of 3 different people who were due after me who have already had their babies and while I'm trying to stay positive, it's very discouraging at times! Can I share a thought? If you know a women who is pregnant and past her due date - offer to pray for patients and health...but leave out any other thoughts/comments/advice unless she asks for it. (Because literally every person she talks to has been sharing that kind of stuff with her - strangers and friends/family alike). Maybe try to find something non-baby related to talk to her about because chances are most of her conversations have centered around pregnancy/labor/baby for weeks...just my perspective (and sorry if that sounds grouchy! Just being honest!) 

Ok, that's it for today...hopefully the next time I post it will be with pictures of our little girl. We can't wait to meet her!! Happy Thursday! 


  1. Yum! Those popsicles sound guilt-free and amazing!

  2. I can't believe you're at 40 weeks - didn't you just announce you were pregnant the other day!?!?!?

  3. I'm still reading :)
    I had all my kids early and I remember how impatient I started getting at the 36 week mark
    I can't imagine going past my due date
    Hang in there friend...can't be too much longer

  4. Both of my babies were "late" (over 41 weeks!) so I feel your pain :( any day now!!

  5. The Last Ship looks so good but I always forget when it comes on!